We are very happy for Paolo Mori! Augustus, a game of opportunity and tactics for the whole family that provides an interesting twist on an old family favorite is nominate by the jury of Spiel of Jahres


Author(s) : Paolo Mori
Illustrator : Vincent Dutrait


After the assassination of Julius Caesar on March 15, 44 BC., his adopted son Gaius Octavius decides to return to Rome. very aerly on, he displays his ambition for political domination. In 31 BC., he is sole control. In 28 BC., the Senate grants him the title of Princeps senatus, first member of the Senate to speak on a topic laid before the assembly. In 27 BC. he receives the title of Augustus, he whose words have the strength of prediction.
At age 36, Augustus becomes the first Roman Emperor and divides the empire into provinces.
You are "legati Augusti" representatives of Augustus, and your role is to maintain the existing institutions in the provinces of the Empire.
Very ambitious, you want the title of Consul, elected each year be the Senate. For this, you need to ensure the support of the most influential senatores and take control of provinces to gather as much wealth as possible. Only the most powerful among you can claim this title.

Aim of the game

Get as many points as quickly as possible because the game ends when, at the end of a turn, a player has seven controlled objectives.

Rules of the game

You start the games with three objectives to conquer and seven legions. There are two types of objective: province and senators.
A town crier draws one of the 23 mobilisation tokens from the bag. He states what it is aloud and puts it on the table.
Each token can mobilize one of the six categories of legion.
Double sword – Shield – Chariot – Catapult – Standard – Dagger
A joker token allows you to mobilise the legion of your choice.
Depending on the tokens drawn, you can mobilise or move your legions to complete your objectives.


88 objectives - 50 legions - 23 mobilisation tokens - 12 rewards - 1 cloth bag - 1 scorepad.
In the rules of the game it says 50 legions.
This is a misprint. Only 48 legions are required to play.


Download the app Layar. Scan the box or the image of the cover direktly from your screen. You will discover a game presentation.