Quadrio, a game learned in two minutes, playable everywhere and without limit. Revolutionary, deep, unique, surprising.


Author(s) : Christopher Villard
Illustrator : 


1 grid, 2 faces, 16 inputs. Insert a token, rotate the grid and go throught it. A line of 4? Party won! The tokens can be distrobuted on both sides. Simple and brilliant.

Aim of the game

To align 4 tokens of you color horizontally, vertically, diagonally.

Rules of the game

Each player chooses a token color. White starts. The first player takes the emptied grid, inserts one of his/her token through one of the sixteen slots and passes the grid to the other player. He/she inserts one of his/her own token and passes the grid back. The players repeat this until one of them wins. Before or after inserting a token, the grid can be turned in any direction. An inserted token cannot be removed or pushed out. The first player who aligns 4 of his/her tokens wins the game: To be valid, the grid must be held vertically by one of the four corners. Note that gravity will cause the tokens to slide in some orientations which may break (or make) the line! The line can be made up of tokens on one side or by mixing and matching on two sides. The game can be played over several rounds, for example best of three.


1 grid - 16 white chips - 1 orange tokens - 1 bag - Rules

Assets of the game

Instant Learning - Super fast part - Playable anywhere - Surprising and intense